These are the legally distinct voyages of the starship Bitsington...

Episode 351: Captain Smol has been asked to visit planet Ohno. The Ohish have applied to join the Star-Alliance, but all may not be as it seems...

Published 13 days ago
TagsBitsy, homage, Pixel Art, Space, thinly-veiled
Average sessionA few minutes
InputsKeyboard, Touchscreen

Development log


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i finally got around to playing it and OH MAN OH MAN THIS WAS REALLY GOOD! i love the start screen and the hand control and just how u get to talk to half the sprites and then to the other half! and the art is so good!!! i loved this so much!

Nicely done!

This is clever! I really like the visual tricks, like the big hand.

This is beautiful and intelligent and I love it. Also the cinematic interludes are great.