A tiny pixelated time-capsule made with Bitsy.

A sequel to my first ever bitsy game, Zen Garden, Portland, The Day Before My Wedding.

Made with Bitsy v0 (aka Bitsy Classic) for the Classic jam (celebrating 4 years of Bitsy).

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Tagsbitsy_classic, mood, pixel, sad, vignette


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Thank you for this <3


Really lovely and powerful. The green color feels both somber and hopeful. 


It is like a poem. A sad poem about a moment I’m leaving, similar to yours. It will be better. Thank you for sharing your emotion with this beautiful game. I’m glad I had a chance to play it.




This is very lovely and a worthy successor to Zen Garden. Thank you for the vulnerability of exploring this very personal journey like this. Always appreciate it and appreciate your games.


In workshops I often share Zen Garden as an example of a game that I feel uses Bitsy in a really brilliant way. Playing your sequel now is so emotional, and I think again really captures how beautifully you use Bitsy. I'm glad making games has been something that's helped you through difficult times :)

Oh it's really nice to hear that you're using Zen Garden in workshops. Yeah, making stuff really has (and is) getting me through some bad times.

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