Update (v0.9) and Downloadable Version

Hello Poppers! (okay, never saying that again)

Changelog for this latest version (which I calling 0.9, completely arbitrarily, since I forgot to name previous versions):

  • A lot of bug-fixes, including the exploding-barrel-crashes-the-game bug, which was a git to fix.
  • Added a scroll-speed setting to the menu. (If you are happy with the current speed, leave it at 5).
  • Made some settings available in the dungeon screen (press Escape as usual).
  • Nerfed the skull-traps a little bit.
  • Reduced the punitive fee that gets applied if you try to cheat by closing a bad expedition. Now much more affordable.
  • Um, made a new title screen.

Additionally, as per a couple of requests, I made a Windows downloadable version. This was a useful, if painful, exercise in learning just how many bugs the html5 version was just quietly ignoring, but the windows compiler would flip out over. 

The downloadable version has not been tested as fully as the browser version - it's easy to test on different browsers, but I only have one PC! So please let me know when you find bugs.


Popping_win.exe 17 MB
Jul 06, 2019

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