We all like sleeping, right? But it can be hard to find a refreshing beverage when you're dreaming.

So in this consumer report, our intrepid critic reviews some of the best dream places to get a nice cuppa.

(Made in Bitsy for the Mix-tape Jam; although I've interpreted 'mix-tape' pretty loosely!)

Rated 4.9 out of 5 stars
(42 total ratings)
Made withbitsy
TagsBitsy, Dreams, mixtape, Pixel Art, tea
Average sessionA few minutes
InputsKeyboard, Touchscreen


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Sweet game. Loved the ambience of the different places (and how some of them casually kill you).

This was so fun! Thank you!

Loved it! So much imagination, the right amount of humour... great! And I loved the "ending" too.


At once utterly charming and delightfully whimsical. Best enjoyed with a nice cup of Earl Grey. Surreal imagery and a very dreamlike narrative. Quite incredible given the constraints of the platform.


I loved this so much! I was looking into bitsy games to learn a bit of what I could do with the platform, and this is by far my favorite I've played so far. This theme is just so lovely. Thank you <3


Super cute and imaginative!

This is SO cool and imaginative. Loved it!

Lovely, makes one appreciate tea even more! 5/5

Ooo, I love your pixel art! The whole game is super chill and pleasant. Love the aesthetics and theme <3

The environments were absolutely mind blowing!  Each one with their own theme, and style to them, it was awesome.  Additionally my jaw dropped getting on the MARTIAN TRAIN!! Awesome work!


Feels like walking through a bunch of coffee-shop AU's of various myths. Added a heart for the sleepy Martian bees!


AMAZING! Such vibrant and varied worlds you've made! And also some pretty humorous dialogue as well! Top Notch Entry!!

Hum, I wonder if those "sudden movements" of the waitstaff of the Mantids coincide with the when they receive small tips.... 

And small misprint: the baby scorpion rain can only INCREASE the <3 rating! Right?! :P


I LOVE what you did with the printTiles!!! AND THE ART IS GORGEOUS HOLY COW

I wan't to go to all these tea places aaaaa !!!


This absolutely blew me away. What an amazing entry!


wow! your art is amazing what the heck!!!!!!!!! this was so lovely, I'm blown away


Loved to play this game.

Is very well made, and very clever. I loved the tree level, quite chalenging! Was about to give up when I figured out where to go.

Also learned a lot in what could be done with bitsy, my next game will be better thanks to yours :D


woah so nice! i love the bits where the avatar disappears bc its underneath/behind something, i've never thought of that before c: