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Sometimes it's hard to make an honest living.

Miss Naoko's Entirely Respectable Fan Service makes, sells and rents the best magical fans in Edo, but even so some people don't pay their fan bills.

Well, Naoko's not going to stand for that! Not while there's an unbarred window and an inattentive guard. She's going to retrieve her fans, and if she happens across some other valuable items in the process, well, who could blame her for defraying her expenses. It's not stealing ... it's all Entirely Respectable.


  • Turn-based - take it one step at a time. Plan your approach, or just wing it.
  • Rogueish - randomly generated levels mean there's always a new challenge.
  • Sneak-em-up - stick to the shadows and avoid the guards; if you're spotted you'll need to run and hide.
  • Casual - snack-sized gaming: each level takes 10 minutes or less. You decide whether to try your luck with a well guarded villa, or a poorly guarded hovel.
  • Five Enemy Types - from the mundane to the supernatural.
  • Nine Fan Types - knock out guards, deflect shuriken, even summon darkness. Or just keep cool, I suppose.
  • Ten Helpful Items - sleeping toxin, a cunning disguise, body-B-gone or a simple bribe.
  • Lo-Fi Lighting Engine - not dark enough for sneaking? Bust a few lamps ... just make sure no one comes to investigate.

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It's been tested extensively on Windows Vista and Windows 7, and -less extensively- on Windows 8.


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