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oh, i love this! very inspirational.

Wow! The colors make it feel so cozy and storybook-like. And boy do I love a fetchquest!! This is so darling ❤


This looks fantastic. I love the watercolour style background. It worked so well with the story as well. :)

Wait, how were you able to use more than three colors in bitsy? It looks so beautiful! Please tell me how you did it!

Well, there are actually a couple of ways to get extra colours in bitsy. This piece put's backgrounds behind the bitsy game (making the bitsy background transparent first) -- see the devlog for more details. If you want extra colours in bitsy itself, that's doable too via layers of sprites -- see for a helpful tool for that.


This is so beautiful! I have never seen a bitsy game like this.


hooooly crap this is beautiful & such an inventive way to use bitsy.......i am inspired


I loved every inch of this game. <3


This is extremely cute. My favourite character was cute furry Freya : )


Authenticity in art is very important, so I’m pleased that I was able to capture Freya’s true nature.


This crabventure is ridiculously pretty <3 and sweet <3